Monday, May 3, 2010

Shinya Yamamoto... and other musings

So I started experimenting with watercolors recently - I bought a piece of $9 watercolor paper for my final Life Drawing project and figured I'd try it out. So what did I discover? Something unexpectedly AWESOME. At this very moment I've been hit by a resurgence of inspiration, all thanks to watercolors. Painting the figure with watercolor is something completely new to me but the way watercolor flows onto the paper yields beautiful results. So, with that, just a couple of days ago I stumbled upon an artist who a friend had mentioned, Shinya Yamamoto. I tried googling him(?) and it's hard to find much about the work. But my friend had a handful of images of his work that rendered the figure through watercolors. I love his use of vivid color, and unexpected combinations of shades that accents the human shape in a gorgeous way. Here are some of his pieces:


Anyway, as this semester winds down I have to say how surprised I am at how much I've enjoyed my time in printmaking. It's been frustrating and has definitely tried my patience, but it opened up an entirely new way of thinking about creating. Most of the time the process of each type of print contributes greatly towards the message conveyed as the final print rolls through the press. You're forced to spend so much time with each piece - working it, reworking it, tweaking it to fit your imagination - it's almost as if you're having a conversation with your piece, and once it's finished you own it so much more. Sometimes you want to punch it in the face and with others sometimes you're eager to embrace the beauty of the final print. It's been uncomfortable and challenging and exciting - everything art should be.

Hannah S.

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