Saturday, May 1, 2010

final friday

Last night I went to see the Maize Senior Student Art Exhibit. My favorite artist, Ellen Louise Cary, had six art pieces displayed, one accordian book, two photographs, and three ceramic pieces. She had a wonderful ceramic tree displayed in the front window. It was gnalry, twisted, and even though there were no leaves on it, it teemed with life and movement. Besides Ellie's work, the caliber of some of the student artists was amazing. There were some other ceramic pieces that were incredibly crafted, fluid, and imaginary. Some of the art was rendered by special needs students, but if you didn't know that up front, you wouldn't know looking at their artwork. That's one of the coolest things about art for me, that art is visual communication about how an artist sees the world. Art is a great equalizer in many ways because even people who may have trouble navagating the world in an ordinary manner can, through their art, sing freely with self expression that rivals normal people's abilities. ann

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