Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Human Than Human

This is the trailer for Blade Runner, one of my favorite movies.

I thought I'd just end the semester with it. It was fun!

- Salem

Corey Rausch

I wish I was really good at printmaking, this would totally be my print for our motion theme.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

End of Semester

I can't believe this semester is already over! I absolutely loved it, and am sad to see it go away. I have learned quite a bit not only about the applications, but about myself as well. Screenprinting really helped me stay focused on certain tasks and get things done, no matter how wrong it may go. It kept me pushing myself and forward, and then with a finished product, it just makes me feel that much better! I had a great time getting to know each of you, and can't wait for Thursday!!! As Susie suggested...dinner and drinks after class?! :)

Brooke Gluszek

"Advertising Age"

Comical but logical article about running an advertising agency:

Brooke Gluszek

RGB wallpaper by Carnovsky

Its amazing the effect of the lights have on this art work. There are just three separate patterns printed over each other but by shining red, green, or blue light on them, you can isolate and hide the different images.

Brooke Gluszek


Disregard if this posts twice...I'm horrible at posting things correctly on here!

This link..
goes to a magazine that a company took works of favorite artits and writers and combined work with unknown new talent and made a magazine in 48 hours. It is really intersting idea-the link talks more about it as well as a copy of the 60 page magazine.

Brooke Gluszek

Printmaking Unite! :)

This website is a collection of printmaking shops/ printmaking artists all listed on this webpage with individual links.

Brooke Gluszek