Tuesday, May 11, 2010

F.L.W., My Second Love - Paris Mairs (13)

Frank Lloyd Wright is my favorite architect of all time, hands down. He designed both of the houses in these pictures. The top is the house he designed in Wichita, KS called the Allen-Lambe House. The next image is his most famous house generally referred to as Falling Water, which was actually designed to rest over running water. He also designed the Tokyo Hotel (below). His style is clearly influenced by Japanese culture and places specific emphasis on nature. For some reason he's stuck with our family. I grew up just a few blocks away from his Allen-Lambe house and my father was raised in a house designed by one of his students. (Which makes me wonder if he wasn't named after the Allen-Lambe House?) If you're interested in a tour you can contact the Allen-Lambe House Foundation at their website: http://home.onemain.com/~allenlam/index.html

- Paris Mairs

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