Monday, August 31, 2009

Easter Island Obsession

This summer, I became obsessed with Easter Island. I am fascinated with the size, style, and story behind these historical and mysterious statues. The islanders that created these stone heads where Polynesian seafarers that, for some unknown reason, landed and stayed on Easter Island. At that time, the island was covered with palm trees, which the islanders used for housing and boats to get food. Some think that the statues were built to honor chiefs or to bring the living closer to the heavens. They transported these statues by rolling them on top of palm trees that they cut down. A type of conveyer belt. Eventually, the tribes became obsessed with creating these statues and competing with other tribes to make the best and biggest statues. They became more and more detailed and bigger and bigger. This competition is what killed them. The islanders went through their tree supply, which meant they had no boats to get food. With no food, they starved. Marooned on the island, war broke out amongst the tribes. They destroyed themselves.

Emily Ritter

Sunday, August 30, 2009

what's that say?

so while i was at the Trish Higgins gallery on friday night i over heard this adorable older couple talking about monika's prints and one had asked the other to read the title of this particular piece. after trying to sound out the words before them, they then stated they did not get it. at that point i chimed in and reassured them that most people wouldnt get it; that i was her student i know she titles her work in polish as she if from poland. they were very appreciative of my helpful insight and then we spoke of how the work is that much more open to the viewers interpretation due to our lack of understanding the title.
megan st.clair

Final Friday

I went to Final Friday, at first I went to shift space and saw the Under Pressure. There were several pieces that I thought were really good. Afterwards I went to Gallery XII. Judy Dove had many pieces on display, and were her usual abstract style. One series labeled Hawaiian themes, she said had been made with pieces collected in Hawaii. I ran into a friend whose wife Bonnie Tynemon was showing and spent most of the rest of the night talking with him. Her work was landscapes done in pastels. They showed improvement since the last time I had seen her pieces. But the rest of my night was used up. I had intended to make it to the Tangent lab, I had heard of an interesting show there, but could not find parking to get there. Did anyone else see it?

Kwakiutl Masks

When I was doing a research project in the art history class that I took a while ago, I had to research about the Kwakiutl tribe and their masks. This Indian Nation is based in British Columbia, right along Canada's southwest coastline. What stuck out in my mind was the fact that they had transformative masks. Each mask was the embodiment of some animal, and they would be used in various ceremonial dances. While they were dancing, the dancers with these masks would pull a cord which would open up the animal masks to reveal human charicatured faces. These transformation masks were to symbolize the animal gods and how they would transform into a human form, but I love them almost for the opposite reason. Each animal had a noble capacity or virtue which can be found within humans... Or at least that's what I took away from those masks. It wasn't until the other day when I had thought of them again after so long ago. In some of my future projects, I want to try and utilize some of the bold lines and patterns that the Kwakiutl had used in designing their masks.
Reed Bishop

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Holy marbles!!!! So on Final Friday, I went to this cafe in Clifton Square called The Bay Leaf. They had some real interesting drawings and random art displayed which was enticing. However the best part was they served boozes and had this sweet patio where you could totally chill and listen to live music. Which a friend of my boyfriends and I was totally playing at. It was a real rad time! It was so relaxing and quiet. I absolutely recommend it. And they have one of my favorite beers which you cant find just anywhere. Wild Blue which tastes like blueberry delight. Oh boy howdy!!!!

-Susie McHugh
Check out David Lanham’s site! He does a lot of digital and icon art, but he also has some more traditional works up as well. I’m fascinated by his imagination and creativity! If you have a few minutes look through his artwork, you won’t be disappointed. Later, Jason Rose

Street Installations

I came across this website for Mark Jenkins over the summer. I was really interested in the street installations he did. Whether it was a red carpet leading to a sewer or a walker locked up like a bike on a street pole, it grabbed my attention. I like the idea of art outside of a museum or gallery; something you see unexpectedly walking down the street. No one expects to see a body floating in a river with a few balloons attached to the back. It's that element of shock or surprise that really draws me to what Jenkins does.

-Daniel Rogers

Friday, August 28, 2009


Looking forward to Final Friday tonight. It should be fun and I hope to see a bunch of you out tonight.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Process- Video "Domona Lisa"

So from the beginning of art classes at WSU I remember being told that "it is all about the process". I find this to be true in many aspects of art, but I think the field which it is the most pertinent is performance art. Which is why I posted this video I found. The end result, the dominos falling, is well thought out, but putting it all together and almost ruining it and then recording all of it and producing the video is what the point was. If you just were to see the end you wouldn't have such a great response as when you watch the entire process.

I thought this blog would be a good way to start out the semester to get all of our creative juices flowing. I also think print making is going to be a lot about process and the result is just the beauty of it.

Oh and I'm not going to Final Friday this month... Work. Bleh!

Michael Davenport

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

printmaking project

me and josh might do a calibration on the next project,  its going to be off the chain!!  if i remember details from monicas demo...cross your figures

new printmaking project

tell em they can blog about anything

-Tim stone

final friday

I'll be going to final friday.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not alot to comment on yet. Looking forward to art stuff.